We need your Storm SUPPORT!

As New Yorkers, we have witnessed first hand the devastation Superstorm Sandy has caused to the homes, lives, and communities of our friends, families, and neighbors throughout the Northeast. But without darkness, we would not know the true impact a single match can make–it’s ability to light a candle to lead the way or build a fire to warm a family. Over the past couple weeks, leaders from all over struck their matches and have been courageously lighting a path for us to serve and rebuild these communities together.


I am super excited to share a new intiative one of those amazing leaders (and a good friend of mine) started and asked me to be a part of. STORM SUPPORT is a design-centric effort to aid in the relief of those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Art that aims to serve–sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?!

          Website: http://shop.stormsupportgear.com/
          Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StormSupport
          Twitter: https://twitter.com/storm_support   

The team is working on three main projects:

  1. StormSupportGear.com will be the main e-commerce hub enabling the sale of merchandise sourced from artists and designers who have been inspired to donate their skill to support those in need and all proceeds from sales will be donated directly to those affected most by the storm.
  2. My team and I are also collecting donations of warm BLANKETS, new or gently worn HOODIES/SWEATSHIRTS and winter COATS to deliver to the residents and communities in the New York and New Jersey areas who were most affected by the storm. For our friends and family who cannot physically reach us or volunteer in the affected communities, they can put that Amazon Prime membership to good use :) and have one, two, or however many of the above items they are able to give, shipped directly to our headquarters. 
  3. We have also been reaching out to our networks to build relationships with clothing and blanket manufacturers or vendors to see if they would able to make larger product donations. All of the above donated items and the bulk donations we receive from our new vendor friends will be delivered to distribution centers and communities in the New York and new Jersey areas. 

NOTEIf you know of any product vendors or colleagues who might be able to help us or connect me with people who would be interested in supporting our efforts, please email me at kmy5002@gmail.com! My team and I would be very grateful!

With the temperature dropping fast and the growing need to keep our affected communities warm, we are all working around the clock to make this happen! So BUY A SHIRT, DONATE A BLANKET, or SEND US YOUR ROLODEX! Haha, jk. :) But really, we hope you will join our efforts and lend your SUPPORT to those who need it most! Lots of little things can make a big difference.

Holla at me or my team if you have any questions or want to get more involved! (I keep calling us STORM TROOPERS! Haha :D) 

          Storm Support
          41 E. 11th St., 11th Fl.
          New York, NY 10003

          E: info@stormsupportgear.com