The Express vs. The Local

Is the express train really that much better? I mean, I guess after living in New York for the past four years, I can say I am very much a slave to the upbeat rhythm. However, I’m still a local girl. Every morning and evening, I jump on the 6 train for about 40 mins to and from work. It’s 10 stops. Sounds crazy, I know, especially if I can jump on the express lines which could reduce the amount of stops to only about 5! But–when I think about having to transfer, wait for the express train, then wait on the platform again, and finally transfer back to the local train, the additional stops really don’t seem to bother me. It’s quite relaxing actually. I’m happy I have the extra time to listen to my music, zone out for a bit or even get to jot down a few thoughts or write blog posts like this while on the train.

So with my constant “city folk” always being in a rush and so many girls my age trying to get a ring on their finger, it’s got me thinking a lot. If we are all trying to get to the next stop or a final destination, why is there such a rush if we know where we want to finally end up? Maybe if we took a breath in between emails or took the time to listen to each other we would be able to actually help each other get to where we are trying to go. And when it comes to relationships, maybe of we took the time to figure out who we are as individuals–strengths, weaknesses, what makes us truly happy–maybe we’d understand what it takes to be better friends, business partners, family members and lovers. What is the point of jumping into relationship after relationship only to transfer back to the local and finally end up where everyone else is?

I like my commuting playlist. A little Earth Wind & Fire, some The Head and the Heart, and a few of my favorite Florence tracks–I’m telling you, this 40 minutes of “me time” that I get traveling to and from work is pretty great. So if I’m enjoying my time on the local, why give up a relaxing seat only to transfer back and forth (with anxiousness!) as I hope to catch the right express train in time.

Relationships aren’t work rushing. Life isn’t worth rushing. And let’s be honest…Earth Wind & Fire is definitely not worth rushing.