Setting the a grown up?

Somedays I feel really grown up. I think it has a lot to do with specific “to-do’s” that remind me things my parents did growing up:

  • Doing my taxes
  • Renting a car
  • Buying a couch
  • Getting to treat a friend or family member for lunch or dinner
  • Making my bed? (Yeah I was really bad about that growing up)
  • Getting an AARP card in the mail…for the 12th time

However, there is ONE particular item that draws a line for me. Most people will just giggle and wave me off, but amidst all of the “grown up” things I can check off my list in a day/week/year… I feel that am not officially an adult until…

I own my own dining table, to which I can set.

Yep, it’s been years of dinner on the couch…on the floor…if I was lucky, there was a low coffee table on the floor…but I’ve never really owned a table that could be dressed in beautiful fabrics, water goblets, vintage silverware. That said…if I did have a table to set, I would want it to look like these dreamy settings. ‘Til that day comes, I will just trek out to the PA country and rub elbows with my favorites and the stunning tablescapes of themodernhostblog.

Cheers to you, JD&J! Thanks for always saving me a seat at your beautiful, grown up table.


I always like to set the table before guests arrive. Our house is an open concept and you can see the dining room when entering our home. I like guests to feel that we are ready for them. As a host I can also enjoy myself more with this task finished.



If it is a weekend, I’ll break out…