"Oh, she got bacon. That's smart." And other funny things overheard in line at the store before #HurricaneSandy...

Got a late start on this "storm prep," so I did have to spend an hour in line at the grocery store. However, it was quite entertaining. Here are just some of the things that made me giggle while waiting in line:
Burberry Girl A:"It's fine. I can probably not eat for a couple days and get skinny."
Burberry Girl B:"This storm makes me swear. Did you hear me? It's like serious."
Frizzy Hair Lady:"We have a lot of vodka. If I drink that in two days...."
Boyfriend:"I could have probably gone longer."
His Girlfriend:"But you didn't."
Roommate A (in front of me in line, after checking out my grocery basket):"Oh, she got bacon. That's smart."
Roommate B:"The last time we tried to cook bacon, we almost burnt down out apartment."
Roommate A:"But it's so good."
Me:"Yeah, the trick is to get things people don't think about. Cook it ahead of time and you can enjoy awesome BLTs with no power for days."
Roommate B:"Ohhh, I didn't think of that. What aisle is the bacon in? I'll be right back."
and that Girlfriend again:"Is it still itchy?"
Be safe, East Coasters. And if you need any food or a place to crash with some funny girls, @1372Adventures welcomes you, your DVDs, and any of the new fall colors from Essie.