We need more. We want more. 

But why? Why are we conditioned to believe that what we have right now is not good enough?

I guess I’m glad that I push myself and try to do more…to do better. My ambition and hard work have gotten me far in life and I am proud of where I am right now. But some days, don’t you just find yourself exhausted sometimes? Like one day, I just want to wake up and say, “Today–this is just right…this is just enough.”

It’s good to keep moving, and growing, but don’t be too busy planning out your next big moves that you forget about the great place you are in at that moment. It’s not a bad thing to want more…to be hungry and go after what you want; but don’t give yourself a tummy ache from eating everything on the buffet in one sitting. :)

Today, you are enough.