"Maybe at 27..."

So my roommate and I used to do this thing…that, love it or hate it, people still remember us for. :) Not 100% sure of the exact origins, but I think it started it out when our friend, Dan made a prediction for the next year. He said, “In 2009…” and well, I forget what the prediction was or whether or not it came true…but those first two words became a common saying around our apartment that year.


For 365 days, my roommate and I carried out the “In 2009…” campaign which captured the memories and hilarious commentary of everything that happened that to us that year. And sadly, “In 2009…there was no Google Buzz.” [Wipes proverbial tear.] We thought we were funny…some of our followers did too….and others just wanted 2009 to be over (but clearly they were still reading and interested in what we were going to post next. So don’t hate.)

Feeling a bit overwhelmed recently, I turned to my Rooms for a little therapy sesh and  heart-to-heart on gchat and it got me to thinkin about another type of list. Our convo went a little something like this:

Me:  Im sorry Im so all over the place lately. I think I just need a vacay
Hoop: it is okay to take time for yourself
Me:  thanks hoop–you are the best cheerleader
        youre prob drained from trying to make me feel better lol
        im a mess
        “maybe at 27…”
So thus I have put together a nice little list of “maybes” for my 27th year. 
“MAYBE AT 27…”
  • I will make my bed every morning.
  • I will understand “budgeting.”
  • I will perfect my chunky tomato soup recipe.
  • I will find time to volunteer more.
  • I will run a race. (I’m not sure The Color Run exactly counted. Too much ‘happy,’ not enough sweat.)
  • I will write more letters.
  • I will simplify my closet.
  • I will drink more water.
  • I will try to eat dinner out on my own again. (Still the one thing I haven’t exactly mastered on my own yet.)
  • I will learn a new language. (Or, let’s be honest, at least a few words.)
  • I will finally learn the difference between a sweet potato and a yam.
  • I will pick up another sport, like rock climbing–or maybe just get back into rock climbing again.
  • My family will come visit me in NYC again.
  • I will finally get a stamp in my 'nekked’ passport.
  • I will finish reading one of the 50 books I started over the past 3 years.
  • I will take more chances…on people and in life.
  • I will think less and do more.
  • I will surprise myself.
  • I will figure out what I was meant to do in life….and have the courage to actually do it.
“Maybe” might be one of the worst words ever…but it seemed to work out pretty well for Carly Rae Jepsen this year. Just sayin.
So while I’m still 26, cheers to “maybe” and all the potential that may 27 hold…