I am Young...a little older, but still Young.


Well, here we go again. Writing, sharing, and this time…cooking too. I’m not sure what will come of this but The Happy Go Lovely did have a great run and became more than I ever hoped it would thanks to my friends, family, and readers like you. So, it is with courage, hope, and a renewed hunger for life that I find myself at Post #1 again. A few years older, a few lessons wiser (I hope), but still the same Young girl who believes in love, the goodness of people, and that there is no bad day that cannot be fixed by a good grilled cheese. So let’s try this again. And who knows, with my mom now on Facebook, maybe she’ll be sharing my blog with a few more eligible bachelors like last time–but this time around, maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll like girls.

Young & Always Hungry is a collection of my most inspired thoughts, memories, and meals. Hope you brought your appetite!

Get hungry.