Crab cakes and Maryland (with @Winobee)

Oh boy. Today I was not happy with New York. It was a combination of the heat, humidity, the subways completely failing, people who decided commute hour was a good time for a “stroll,” oh and did I mention that it’s been hot as Helga lately?! So that being said, I was not in a fun mood when I arrived almost 25 minutes late to dinner with my dearest @Winobee at The Mermaid Inn.

However, my attitude quickly changed after this Maryland-native greeted me with a ‘buzzed’ smile and happy hour oysters with my initials all over them. She was two beers in and I had half of the oysters, fish tacos, and shrimp and avocado sliders to catch up on. I wasted no time while she began to fill me in on everything I had missed from not seeing her for almost two weeks.

In the middle of a 'week one’ story, we bravely said “Bring on the crabs!” when our waitress asked us about our dinner selections. Yes–happy hour was just to get us in a good mindset for the work we were about to do at this Tuesday night's Mermaid Crab Boil. Not sure if it was before or after the second whack on a crab claw, but I somehow forgot all about my earlier day. We were laughing, cracking, and talking shop, boys and Old Bay. All was right with the world again. :)  


Since she is a Maryland girl, and those MDers know their crabs (and football!), I tried to take a few lessons and notes on how to properly disassemble my crustacean; but eventually, I just took matters it my own hands and went at it with no rhyme or reason. It worked. I got my crab. :)

A mentor, a friend, and a great Tuesday dinner date. I seriously don’t know what I would do without my dear Stace. Thanks for turning my Crabby McCraberson day into a mini vacation dinner along the MD coast. See you next Tuesday? This time I will be on time….and leave my crabby attitude down in Soho. ;)