Be a frog who cares.

Someone once shared this anecdote with me:

“If you take a frog and throw it in a pot of boiling water, the frog will immediately recognize the danger and jump out. However, if you were to put that frog in a pot of cold or room temperature water and slowly increase the heat, little by little, the frog would slowly adapt and have no idea he is dying a slow, drawn out death.”


So terrible to think about, I know. But it’s actually not a bad analogy. If we slowly adapt to our own discomfort over a long period of time, how can we actually know if or when we are truly unhappy? When is it time to walk away from that negative friend or tell the guy you’ve been seeing “I deserve better.” Why do you continue to allow others to take advantage of your work ethic and willingness to “do it all” without any acknowledgment of being spread too thin? 

I feel like I have a high tolerance for pain, sweat and hard work, but every now and then you hit that point when you just need to step back and say, “Enough.” Maybe that “point” doesn’t come in the form of a scalding pot of hot water, but it is the moment that you realize if you don’t make changes now, you are letting yourself die of contentment.

I don’t want to end up like that. I deserve better, and so do you. But it’s not enough to just say it any more. Fear is no longer a good enough excuse to stay unhappy. And “tomorrow” will always be there…but will you? Let’s not be afraid to #besomebody who matters; to stand up, to step out and #besomebody who cares. 

Boiling point is fast approaching.